About Us

- Our Vision -

Through the power of education and inspiration, Change Lives Now strengthens individuals, families, and their communities by building bridges to healing, believing, and hope.

- Our Mission -

The Mission of this organization is to support activities that promote the education, economic self-sufficiency, intercultural understanding, health, and spiritual and moral development of individuals.


Based in the South East of the United States, we are a small group of friends who have been profoundly moved by the need we have seen in the world. Our efforts have been primarily based in Nairobi, Kenya and the surrounding areas. Our causes have always developed organically from our work in the region. 



- Our Story -

In 2004, Anne and David Trufant traveled from Brevard, NC to Kenya in order to visit their daughter, who was teaching English to refugee women in Nairobi. While in nearby, the Trufants seized the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a boy they had sponsored for several years through an international NGO. They found Humphrey at Mogra Star Academy in the Mathare slum of Nairobi. A remarkable visit to the slum school initiated a desire to help. Thus, began CLN’s longstanding friendship with Mogra Star founder Hannah Njorge.

Upon returning home, the traveling family began raising money through an informal organization they called “The Friends of Mogra Star.” Organized by word of mouth, contributions were sent through the Dominican Sisters Refugee Fund. This organization was run by a German nun, Sister Luise, who had effectively raised Hannah and acted as a life-long mentor for their shared cause of taking in Nairobi’s orphans. Over the next few years, the group that galvanized around the Trufants’ cause made arrangements with FaithWorks Ministries, an established nonprofit out of Greensboro, NC, that allowed them to get tax deductions for their sympathetic friends and family.

By 2007, the rapid growth of the organization prompted an effort to streamline operations, and Change Lives Now, Inc filed to incorporate under 501(c)(3) status. Mogra Star Academy and Rescue Center remained at the heart of their efforts, but the scope grew to include other needs brought to the board’s attention by donors and the organization’s larger support network.

Though CLN maintains certain “heart causes” through our friends in Kenya, our mission remains open, allowing us to step up to the causes in which we feel we can affect the most change.

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